A Rhode Island company, serving Rhode Island, employing Rhode Island workers.


Hillview Environmental believes that renewable energy is the key to our environmental future in the Ocean State, and as a family owned and operated company, we take our responsibility to our home state very seriously. We work to employ as many local laborers, electricians, designers, and engineers as possible, and we only develop projects that are a net positive in regards to the environment and our clients interests.



A family owned business, our directors have over 45 years of experience in Rhode Island, working in environmental science, engineering, energy efficiency and project management.

Charles Photo

Charles Tyce
Partner, Engineering Director

9 years experience in complex systems engineering, energy efficiency, and engineering management

Ashlee Tyce
Partner, Environmental Director

P.E., MS in Environmental Engineering, 6 years experience in civil and environmental project development 

Robert Tyce
Partner, Development Director

PhD, Licensed Renewable Energy Professional, member of the Association of Energy Engineers, 30+ years engineering experience

A progressive state, focused on the greater good.


Whether you particularly enjoy our beaches, hiking trails, nature preserves, or urban areas, Rhode Islanders care about preserving our natural environment, and we have demonstrated that through state policies. Over the last few years, Rhode Island has made a concerted effort to develop more renewable energy sources, and to make those sources more affordable to individuals and businesses. This promotes more cost effective energy production, with a substantially reduced impact on the environment that we all care about.

Compare the 2017 Rhode Island solar ranking to the rest of the country:

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When you do decide to invest in solar or wind, whether you decide to pay for it outright, take out a loan, or lease your installation, the result is always positive. Here is a quick comparison of the solar purchasing options: