What if you could install renewable energy that pays for itself, a new roof, and more?



From small systems that help offset your utility costs, to large systems that make you money each year, residential customers can take advantage of many different installation types to fit their specific needs. We also now offer grid connected battery backup systems, providing the only method for generating solar power when the grid goes down! Local and federal incentives make it possible for almost any homeowner to afford a solar power installation.



From 25kW up to over a Megawatt, we have trained Renewable Energy Professionals who can design and install as much power generation as your business requires. Have an old roof that needs replacing? Even better! We can design a system that will pay for it. We can also combine other infrastructure and energy efficiency projects into a single financing agreement.

There has never been a better time to consider solar or wind energy.


With energy usage on the rise every year, we need to develop cleaner, more sustainable methods of generating the power that we require. Thanks to improvements in manufacturing, technology, and local and federal incentives, solar and wind power installations can be built at a fraction of what they cost just 10 years ago.

Our relationships with banks, manufacturers, and contractors allows Hillview Environmental to offer our customers complete installations that pay for themselves in 5 or 6 years with no money down, an immediately positive cash flow, and fantastic long term returns. The power generation system is owned by you, and will produce valuable power for at least 25 years with very little maintenance.

Best of all, it is completely clean power, so you can feel good about helping the environment while improving your personal or business finances.